Friday, October 30, 2009

The Need for Revival

It is a great tragedy when people lost in the dessert dying of thirst, stumble upon a well of fresh sweet water yet cannot recognize it because it is covered with dust.

Islam is that sweet water with the nourishment needed to save humanity. Yet unfortunately, this beautiful way of life has become a beautiful treasure which has been camouflaged and hidden under a thick layer of lies and distortion imposed by others attempting to turn people away from it.

Islam has thus become oppressed and those who are deprived of it have become lost and even more oppressed. Two great tragedies occur:

The first is that people, who are in much need of this nourishment do not seek it because of the misinformation they have about it. If people knew the most amazing Character and Mercy of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him); The Great Love and Generosity of Allah (The proper name of God in Arabic); The liberation offered to women; The support offered for the weak and oppressed; The Miraculous nature and tranquility of the Holy Quran; and so on, they would flock seeking Islam.

As one great Muslim said, "If the kings of the world knew the treasures that lay hidden in our hearts, they would send their armies to take it from us by force."

The second tragedy, is that in defense of their own interests and due to their own misunderstandings, many who claim to be Muslim, abandon, reject, and even condemn the Divine Law of Shari'ah and the Sunnah (tradition) of our beloved Prophet Peace be Upon Him. They believe success lies only in abandoning the way of God and His Prophets. They mock those who revive it. They try to "defend Islam" by mocking and giving up the very principles this faith stands on. They reject the scholars and the 15 centuries of Islamic scholarship and want to interject their own opinions about Islam, which is based on assumptions and conjecture. Thus realizing the Prophecy of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him who warned a people would come and comment on God's Holy Words without any knowledge and they would be far from his mercy.

Thus this is a small humble effort to bring people back to the authentic teachings and practice of this wonderful faith as taught by the Beloved Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, and interpreted by the great majority of Muslim scholars for the past millennium. It is an effort to instill respect for the scholarship of Islam and love for the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and the Shari'ah of the Master of the Heavens and Earth.

Through that, we also hope to provide a more accurate view of Islam for non-muslims, that they too may benefit from the guidance of this illuminating light.

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