Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Eating Halal

Why I Stopped Eating Supermarket Meat...

A very important article for every wester Muslim to Read...

Growing up I used to avoid Pork, thinking everything else was ok. Burger King, McD's, Chinese Fast Food was all good in my mind long as it didnt have pork. Boy was I in the wrong! This article changed everything for me...although at first I didnt want to give it up, I realized it that I had to and I have no regrets!

Summery as follows: Muslims can only eat meat that meets all three requirements:

1.Slaughterd by a Practicing Muslim, Jew, or Christian.
2. Name of God mentioned in Slaughtering.
3. Slaughtered in a particular method allowing all blood to drain before death.

Thus we cannot eat meat from public places because:
1. We do not know who killed it. May not be a person of any faith or another faith.
2. Highly unlikely they mentioned God's name at time of slaughter.
3. Definitely not slaughtered in proper manner. (usually machine or electric shock) Allah knows best.

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