Friday, December 4, 2009

Stabbing Islam in the Back

At the time of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, the worst enemies of Islam were never the disbelievers. Rather they were the Munafiqeen, hypocrites, who were Muslim by name but worked night and day to attempt to harm the faith from within.

In our time, there is no doubt that the Munafiqeen are as active as ever. They are those who want to "defend Muslims" in no other way than by attacking Islam itself. The New York times recently published an op-ed of one individual with such characteristics. His argument was basically that not all Muslims are bad because not all Muslims actually practice Islam. He described himself and those like him by saying:
We do not pray five times a day, do not read the Koran and have not spent much time inside a mosque. We only turn to Islam when a child is born, someone gets married or someone dies.... To defeat the threat of radical Islam, I suggest that the answer lies among the people who are the least Muslim.
In other words he is saying the problem is not Muslims, but Islam. And the solution to this problem is by supporting those "Muslims" who do not practice Islam. In order to make people like Muslims, he is in effect stabbing Islam in the back. He is selling the name of Islam in order to appease those who hate Muslims by basically saying "Hey, don't hate me! i am just Muslim by name, don't hate Muslims because we don't actually all practice Islam!"

Such people claim to be so called "Secular Muslims," Yet a Muslim simply means a "submitter to God." How could one be secular and be one who submits to God? Sort of Ironic i would say...

It seems that these people may be the ones described in the Quran as "La ula ha ula, wa la ula ha ula" (Neither here, nor there) and "Khasaru al Dunya Wal Akhira" (Loosers of this world and the next).

In this world they face descrimination because of their "Muslim" Identity and in the next life they may have no good to look forward to because they denied and belittled the commands of Allah and His Messenger.

Muslims do not need to shamefully turn their back on their religion and culture in order to please non-Muslims! Rather we need to stick to our faith and recognize that honor and success is only found by following the ways of Allah and His Messenger (Peace be Upon Him).

Allah describes people who try to please the non-Muslims and protect their name by betraying Islam by saying:

138. To the Hypocrites give the glad tidings that there is for them (but) a grievous penalty;- 139. Yea, to those who take for friends unbelievers rather than believers: is it honour they seek among them? Nay,- all honour is with Allah.
May Allah protect us from making these costly mistakes

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